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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Geography

Main Departmental Office
Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building, Room 210

Mailing address:
1155 Union Circle #305279
Denton, TX 76203-5017
Fax: 940-369-7550

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Paul Hudak, Chair



Geography is both an academic and an applied field, and our graduates enjoy highly successful careers in diverse parts of the job market. Majors are prepared for a broad range of employment, including geographic information systems, regional and urban planning, retail and industrial site location planning, transportation planning, parks and recreation planning, housing and community development, land and water resources management, environmental consulting and regulatory work, land surveying and cartography, archaeology and meteorology. Completion of the department’s programs also prepares students for graduate course work in geography, archaeology and environmental science.

The Department of Geography offers courses for students majoring in geography or other fields. Students in the colleges of arts and sciences, business, education, and public affairs and community service will find that geography provides excellent support for their majors. Students majoring in any field may minor in geography, geology or archaeology (all offered through this department); complete courses to fill core requirements; obtain the department’s certificate in geographic information systems; or take courses for general interest.

Geography courses are divided into two subfields: regional science and earth science. Regional science involves the study of the organization of human activity (particularly, the economic, socio-political and cultural dimensions) across space as they affect and in turn respond to the world about us. Earth science courses explore physical processes that operate inside the earth, at its surface and in the atmosphere, and interactions between humans and the physical environment. The earth science courses are under both physical geography and geology headings.

Students planning to transfer to another institution to pursue a geology major should consult with the undergraduate advisor.

Programs of Study

The department offers two undergraduate programs in the following areas:

Through course selection, students may elect to emphasize earth science or regional science. The department offers minors in archaeology , geography  and geology , and certificates in economic geography  and geographic information systems .

Graduate Degrees

The department offers a graduate program in the following area:

  • Master of Science with a major in applied geography

Students interested in advanced course work and research in water resources management, land use planning, urban environments, environmental archaeology, geomorphology or geographic information systems should consider the Master of Science with a major in Applied Geography and the graduate programs in environmental science. Faculty from the Department of Geography, in cooperation with the Department of Biological Sciences and the Institute of Applied Sciences, contribute to coordinating the environmental science degrees.

The Department of Geography, in conjunction with the departments of public administration and economics, offers studies in urban and regional planning within the Master of Public Administration degree program. Undergraduates who anticipate entering this program should take a minimum of 12 hours in public administration.

Students interested in archaeology should consider the MS with a major in applied geography or interdisciplinary studies. Faculty from the departments of geography and biological sciences and from the Center for Environmental Archaeology coordinate these degrees, which emphasize geoarchaeology, zooarchaeology and interdisciplinary techniques including GIS, remote sensing and quantitative/spatial analysis.