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    May 29, 2024  
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administration, Faculty and Librarians

UNT System and University Officers

Board of Regents

C. Dan Smith, Chair (2011), Plano
Michael R. Bradford (2015), Midland
Don A. Buchholz (2013), Dallas
Charles D. Mitchell (2011), Dallas
Steve Mitchell (2015), Richardson
Brint Ryan (2015), Dallas
Gwyn Shea (2013), Dallas
Al Silva (2011), San Antonio
Jack A. Wall (2013), Dallas

Student Regent

Appointed annually

UNT System Administration

Lee F. Jackson, MPA, Chancellor of the University of North Texas System
Scott Ransom, DO, President of the UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth
John Ellis Price, PhD, CPA, President of UNT Dallas
Rosemary R. Haggett, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Success
Jack Morton, JD, Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations
Nancy S. Footer, JD, Vice Chancellor and General Counsel
Terry Pankratz, MBA, Vice Chancellor for Finance
Richard L. Escalante, MA, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Donald W. Holdegraver, CIA, CFE, Chief Internal Auditor

UNT Administration

V. Lane Rawlins, PhD, President
Warren Burggren, PhD, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Rodney P. McClendon, JD, PhD, Senior Vice President for Operations
Lisa Baronio, EMBA, Vice President for Advancement and Director of Development of the UNT Foundation
Gilda Garcia, EdD, Vice President for Institutional Equity and Diversity
Andrew M. Harris, MBA, Vice President for Finance and Administration
John W. Hooper, MBA, Acting Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Deborah S. Leliaert, MEd,
Vice President for University Relations, Communications and Marketing
Vishwanath “Vish” Prasad, PhD,
Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Elizabeth With, EdD,
Vice President for Student Affairs
Richard Villarreal, BS,
Director of Athletics

Academic Deans

Honors College,

Gloria C. Cox, PhD, Dean

College of Arts and Sciences,

Michael Monticino, PhD, Dean

College of Business,

O. Finley Graves, PhD, Dean

College of Education,

Jerry R. Thomas, EdD, Dean

College of Engineering,

Costas Tsatsoulis, PhD, Dean

College of Information,

Linda Schamber, PhD, Interim Dean

Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism,

Roy Busby, PhD, Interim Dean

School of Merchandising and Hospitality Management,

Judith C. Forney, PhD, Dean

College of Music,

James Scott, DMA, Dean

College of Public Affairs and Community Service,

Thomas L. Evenson, PhD, Interim Dean

College of Visual Arts and Design,

Robert Milnes, PhD, Dean

Toulouse Graduate School,

James Meernik, PhD, Acting Dean

University Libraries,

Martin Halbert, PhD, Dean

Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science,

Richard J. Sinclair, PhD, Dean

Faculty and Librarians

Information regarding individual faculty members and librarians is available from the Faculty Profile System ( Select “Faculty Profiles” from the Browse menu. To access faculty information from a specific department or from the Libraries, use the drop-down menu at the head of the faculty list.

Graduate faculty of the Graduate School of Bio-medical Sciences and the School of Public Health at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth (UNTHSC) also are members of the graduate faculty of the University of North Texas and thus can serve as mentors or committee members of UNT graduate students appropriate to their graduate appointment. See the UNTHSC Graduate Catalog for UNTHSC graduate faculty listings.

Emeritus Faculty

Adkins, Cecil, Music (1963-2000).
Albertson, Roxanne, Education (1979-2000).
Altekruse, Michael, Education (1995-2005).
Alton, Louise, Music (1958-1980).
Amos, William, Community Service (1981-1995).
Anderson, Hershel, Business Administration (1962-1988).
Anderson, Miles, Arts and Sciences (1950-1992).
Aronson, Harriet, Arts and Sciences (1971-1999).
Austin, Larry, Music (1978-1996).
Ayer, Hugh, Arts and Sciences (1958-1986).
Bahnsen, Kenneth, Education (1955-2003).
Bailey, Don C., Education (1962-1999).
Bane, Robert, Education (1970-2007)
Bator, Elizabeth, Arts and Sciences (1983–2009).
Belcher, William F., Arts and Sciences (1950-1985).
Berg, Robert, Education (1968-2006).
Berger, Lorraine, Visual Arts (1964-1995).
Berkeley, Marvin, Business Administration (1973-1998); Dean.
Bezdek, Jim, Education (1967-1996).
Bilyeu, Russell, Arts and Sciences (1960-2001).
Boley, Richard, Business Administration (1990-2005).
Brady, William T., Arts and Sciences (1962-1999).
Braterman, Paul S., Arts and Sciences (1988-2006).
Breeden, Leon, Music (1959-1981).
Brock, Horace, Business Administration (1959-1992).
Brookshire, William, Education (1970-2003).
Brothers, Lester, Music (1974-2005).
Brown, Newel Kay, Music (1970-1991).
Buckalew, Mary, Arts and Sciences (1965-1998).
Buhler, June, Education (1973-2000).
Caldwell, Patsy, Education (1959-2000).
Campbell, Lloyd P., Education (1970-2006).
Candelaria, Leonard, Music (1974-2003).
Carter, Fairchild, Business Administration (1967-1987).
Chipman, Donald, Arts and Sciences (1964-2002).
Clark, Thomas, Music (1976-2004).
Cleveland, Donald, Library and Information Sciences (1977-2004).
Clogan, Paul, Arts and Sciences (1971-1998).
Cobb, Elsie J., Education (1964-1989).
Coda, Bernard, Business Administration (1965-1997).
Coe, Barbara, Business Administration (1980-2005).
Coe, Teddy L., Business Administration (1980-2007).
Colson, Ted, Arts and Sciences (1956-1993).
Combest, Sandi, Arts and Sciences (1966-2001).
Cooke, J. V., Arts and Sciences (1937-1974).
Cooper, J. Arthur, Education (1966-1998).
Copeland, Ben, Business Administration (1963-2000).
Corbin, John, Library and Information Sciences (1973-1977, 1987-2000).
Cornelius, Bill, Education (1966-2003).
Crader, Jeannine, Music (1970-1997).
Cross, C. Jack, Education (1955-1992).
Crowder, Robert, Arts and Sciences (1979-1997).
Culp, Ralph B., Arts and Sciences (1971-1999).
Dameron, Joseph, Education (1968-1995).
Damico, Anthony, Arts and Sciences (1966-2001).
Davidson, Martin, Arts and Sciences (1967-1984).
Davis, Addie Nell, Human Resource Management (1951-1981).
Day, Kaaren, Education (1989–2008).
Deering, William, Arts and Sciences (1965–2008).
DeFoor, Ira T., Education (1949-1984).
DeLaney, Gloria, Education (1960-1999).
DeMaris, E. Joe, Business Administration (1975-1989).
Desiderato, Robert, Arts and Sciences (1966-2004).
Detrick, Robert, Arts and Sciences (1969-1996).
Dickson, Kenneth, Arts and Sciences (1978–2005).
Ditzenberger, Roger, Education (1980–2007).
Dobson, Gerard R., Arts and Sciences (1969-1999).
Donahue, Manus, Arts and Sciences (1982-2002).
Duggan, Jerome, Arts and Sciences (1973–2008).
Earp, Wes, Education (1963-1995).
Eaton, Henry, Arts and Sciences (1966–2005).
Eddy, John Paul, Education (1979-2000).
Evans, Mary, Human Resource Management (1958-1981).
Feigert, Frank, Arts and Sciences (1977-2003).
Fink, Ron, Music (1964-2000).
Fisher, Vernon, Visual Arts (1978-2006).
Foster, Bruce, Arts and Sciences (1953-1990).
Froehlich, Hildegard, Music (1976-2001).
Garner, Cody, Music (1989-2006).
Gibson, O. Lee, Music (1945-1981).
Giese, James William, Business Administration (1966-1985).
Gionet, Arthur, Arts and Sciences (1961-1995).
Glick, Edwin, Arts and Sciences (1970-1995).
Golden, David, Arts and Sciences (1985-2004).
Greenlaw, M. Jean, Education (1978-2005).
Gunter, Pete, Arts and Sciences (1969–2005).
Haerle, John M. (Dan), Jr., Music (1977-2007).
Halstead, Frank, Education (1966-1997).
Hardin, Robert, Arts and Sciences (1956-1994).
Harrison, Norman, Business Administration (1949-1993).
Harrison, Thomas, Arts and Sciences (1972-2004).
Haynes, Jack R., Arts and Sciences (1963-1999).
Haynie, John J., Music (1950-1985).
Hays, Henry, Business Administration (1964-2004); Dean.
Heiberg, Harold, Music (1971-2004).
Henderson, Sam, Arts and Sciences (1953-1985).
Henoch, Miriam, Arts and Sciences (1996-2005).
Hinely, Reginald, Education (1962-2000).
Holcomb, Terry, Education (1973-2005).
Holloway, Harold, Arts and Sciences (1961-1995).
Hudnall, Margaret, Music (1968-2004).
Huffstutler, E.V., Education (1968-1981).
Hughes, Robert, Arts and Sciences (1962-1994).
Hurley, Alfred, Arts and Sciences (1980–2004).
Johnson, Charles, Education (1957-1994).
Johnson, Douglas A., Arts and Sciences (1971-2004).
Johnson, James, Jr., Visual Arts (1968-1995).
Johnson, Ray W., Arts and Sciences (1965-1999).
Johnston, Richard, Arts and Sciences (1968-1984).
Jones, Donald, Business Administration (1961-1983).
Kamman, William, Arts and Sciences (1962–2004).
Kamp, H. W., Arts and Sciences (1950-1984).
Kemerer, Frank, Education (1978–2003).
Kennelly, Kevin, Arts and Sciences (1967-2000).
Kester, Stephen A., Arts and Sciences (1967-1994).
Kesterson, David, Arts and Sciences (1968–2007).
King, Barry, Business Administration (1970-1995).
Kirkpatrick, Hugh, Arts and Sciences (1961-1992).
Kobe, Donald, Arts and Sciences (1968–2008).
Kobler, Jasper, Arts and Sciences (1964-1997).
Kuiper, John, Arts and Sciences (1987-1998).
Kuss, Malena, Music (1976-1999).
LaForte, Robert, Arts and Sciences (1968-2000).
Larson, George, Arts and Sciences (1970-2000).
Lee, James Ward, Arts and Sciences (1958-1999).
Lerch, James, Music (1966-1990).
Lewis, Paul, Arts and Sciences (1970–2005).
Linebarger, James Morris, Arts and Sciences (1963-1996).
Lowe, Gale B., Business Administration (1965-1995).
Lucker, William, Community Service (1962-1996); Dean.
Lumsden, D. Barry, Education (1978-2006).
Lundsteen, Sara, Education (1977-1999).
Luttrell, H. Dale, Education (1970-2006).
Mackey, James, Arts and Sciences (1969-1999).
Mahoney, James H., Education (1956-1982).
Marcello, Ron, Arts and Sciences (1967–2004).
Martin, Charles B., Arts and Sciences (1964-1999).
Martin, Cora, Community Service (1967-1992).
Masaracchia, Ruthann, Arts and Sciences (1990-2002).
Mattil, Edward L., Arts and Sciences (1971-1985).
McAlister, Edgar Ray, Business Administration (1963-2005).
McCallon, Earl, Education (1965-2000).
McCarter, R. William, Visual Arts (1968-2005).
McGuire, David Charles, Music (1962-1987).
McLeod, Pat, Education (1954-2000).
McNeill, Perry, Engineering (1994-2006).
Meeks, Bruce, Education (1982-2002).
Michaelsen, Robert, Business Administration (1987-2005).
Miller, Clyde, Music (1955-1983).
Miller, James R., Education (1977-1996); Dean.
Miller, Laurel, Music (1977-2003).
Miller, William, Education (1964-1996).
Morris, William, Business Administration (1971-2001).
Morrisson, Clovis C., Jr., Arts and Sciences (1962-1997).
Moseley-Grady, Patricia, Education (1974-2002).
Nahrgang, Lee, Arts and Sciences (1965-2007).
Nash, Jerry, Arts and Sciences (1997–2007).
Neeley, Paden, Business Administration (1960-2003).
Neuberger, John, Arts and Sciences (1977–2005).
Newell, Charldean, Community Service (1965-2002).
Newsom, Herman A., Education (1962-1977).
Nichols, Margaret I., Library and Information Sciences (1956-1995).
Nichols, Martha, Arts and Sciences (1964-1997).
Norton, E. Douglas, Education (1971-2005).
Norton, Scott, Arts and Sciences (1963-2005).
Odom, E. Dale, Arts and Sciences (1959-1999).
Olsen, Solveig, Arts and Sciences (1968-2005).
deOnis, Carlos, Arts and Sciences (1968-1995).
Papich, George, Music (1967-2000).
Pekara, Jean, Education (1966-2001).
Peters, Dale, Music (1959-2005).
Pickens, Donald K., Arts and Sciences (1965-2006).
Preston, Thomas R., Arts and Sciences (1982-2006); Dean.
Rachel, Frank, Business Administration (1962-2005).
Reban, Milan, Arts and Sciences (1967–2008).
Reynolds, Johnny Sue, Merchandising and Hospitality Management (1990-2006).
Rich, Carroll Y., Arts and Sciences (1959-1995).
Richards, John V., Arts and Sciences (1965-1993).
Richards, Thomas, Business (1983–2004).
Richardson, Peggy, Education (1970-2001).
Riney, Bobye J., Merchandising and Hospitality Management (1973-1991).
Roach, Archie W., Arts and Sciences (1950-1978).
Rogers, Robert J., Music (1948-1984).
Sale, Richard B., Arts and Sciences (1965-1995).
Saleh, Farida, Arts and Sciences (1978-2005).
Sandefur, Walter Scott, III, Education (1962-2002).
Scaggs, Don, Visual Arts (1968-1999).
Schietroma, Robert, Music (1977-1998).
Sears, Ray, Arts and Sciences (1967-2001).
Shuemaker, Ira, Visual Arts (1974-2001).
Simms, Richard L., Education (1970-2006).
Smallwood, J. B., Arts and Sciences (1965-2000).
Smith, Howard, Education (1969-1997); Acting President.
Smith, John, Arts and Sciences (1964-1993).
Staples, Donald, Arts and Sciences (1979-2004).
Stephens, Elvis Clay, Business Administration (1963-1999).
Stevens, L. Robert, Arts and Sciences (1963-1998).
Stewart, Kenneth, Arts and Sciences (1961-1999).
Summers, Patricia, Arts and Sciences (1967-2002).
Sybert, Jim, Arts and Sciences (1956-2002).
Tanner, Fred, Education (1968-1987).
Tanner, James T.F., Arts and Sciences (1965–2003).
Taylor, Glen L., Business Administration (1953-1998).
Teeter, C. Russ, Education (1967-2007).
Thompson, John, Arts and Sciences (1967-1995).
Thornton, John H., Business (1971–2006).
Tipps, Steve, Education (1992-2002).
Toulouse, Robert B., Education (1948-1985); Provost.
Turner, J. William, Education (1961-1998).
Vanecek, Michael T., Business Administration (1978-2006).
Vann, J. Don, Arts and Sciences (1964-1999).
Vaughan, Nick, Arts and Sciences (1958-1998).
Vela, Roland, Arts and Sciences (1965-2000).
Vidrine, Donald, Arts and Sciences (1968-1998).
Waller, William, Arts and Sciences (1989–2004).
Warner, Roger, Music (1976-2006).
Washington, Roosevelt, Jr., Education (1974-1996).
Watson, Hoyt F., Education (1976-1998).
Watson, Jack, Education (1956-1995).
Wenrich, Wesley, Arts and Sciences (1970-1993).
Westmoreland, Reginald, Arts and Sciences (1963-1998).
Wheeless, Lawrence, Arts and Sciences (1993-2004).
Whiddon, Henry, Visual Arts (1964-1995).
Wilborn, Bobbie, Education (1971-1995).
Williamson, John, Education (1968-2006).
Wilson, William, Arts and Sciences (1968-2001).
Wright, Eugene P., Arts and Sciences (1966-2006).
Wu, Fred, Business Administration (1993-2005).
Yeric, Jerry L., Arts and Sciences (1970-2002).
Youngblood, Judy, Visual Arts (1976-1997).
Zimmerman, Earl, Arts and Sciences (1970–2006).

Dates indicate years at UNT.

Emeritus Librarians

Cope, Johnnye L. (1966-1988).
Davis, Iris Anne (1966-1989).
Galloway, Margaret E. (1967-1997).
*Grose, B. Donald (1988–2009).
**Kelly, Melody (1974–2009).
Lavender, Kenneth (1981-2001).
Mitchell, George D. III (1968-1997).
Webb, David (1953-1978).

* Dean Emeritus
**Associate Dean Emeritus

Dates indicate years at UNT.

Chancellor and President Emeritus

Alfred F. Hurley (1980-2002).

Dates indicate years at UNT.

University Award Recipients

Lists of faculty members who are recipients of certain universitywide awards are available online. Visit