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    Jul 23, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Performance (specialization: Voice), BM

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The purpose of the Bachelor of Music with a major in performance and a specialization in voice is: to provide students with training which will develop their native vocal talent; to develop their musicianship through the study and performance of music from various periods and genres; to prepare students to apply for continued study in master’s graduate performance degrees at the highest quality institutions and to help especially gifted students prepare for immediate entry into the professional arena as performers and teachers; to encourage students to investigate an expanded array of professional opportunities in the field of music; to expose students to successful individuals who are working as performers, teachers, coaches, and as professional agents through periodic master classes held on our campus; and to prepare students for professional careers in music through student participation in external performances, lectures/master classes and cultural exchanges. 

Program Requirements

Bachelor of Music

General requirements for the Bachelor of Music are listed in the University Core Curriculum  and the University Core Curriculum  requirements in the Academics  section and under Bachelor of Music in the College of Music  section.

Major in Performance

The following choices are available under performance:

  • Piano (performance)

  • Organ (performance)

  • Organ (church music)

  • Harpsichord

  • Voice

  • Orchestral Instruments

  • Strings: violin, viola, cello and double bass

  • Winds: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, woodwinds (a combination of all five instruments), trumpet, trombone, euphonium, horn and tuba

  • Percussion

  • Harp

  • Classical Guitar

General requirements for majors in Performance

Students who have not fulfilled the following requirements at the beginning of the fifth term/semester are not allowed to major in applied music.

  1. Completion of at least 60 semester hours with an average of C or better.
  2. Completion of

Graduation requirements for majors in Performance

  1. Completion of 20–32 hours in the major instrument/voice (the number of hours varies according to the instrument).
  2. Completion of 6–16 hours supplementing the major instrument (literature, pedagogy, diction, chamber music, advanced conducting).
  3. Demonstration of proficiency in solo playing in public recitals, and in ensemble and chamber music, as appropriate.
  4. Presentation of all senior recital capstone requirements, content approved in advance and public performance graded by faculty. All proficiencies (including piano and the Upper Division Examination) must be met the semester before applying for the senior recital capstone.
  5. Completion of 6–12 hours in upper-level MUTH, MUMH, MUAG, MUET, MUCE, MUCP and/or MUJS. Credit hours and courses vary by performance area.
  6. Other music and general elective hours (see program outlines below for specific recommendations).
  7. A total of 121–132 hours are required.

Hours required and general/college requirements

A minimum of 130 hours, of which 42 must be advanced, and fulfillment of degree requirements for the Bachelor of Music degree as specified in the University Core Curriculum  in the Academics  section of this catalog and the College of Music  requirements.

Music theory

15 hours in music theory, including:

Music communication and literature

3 hours from the following courses:

Followed by

Advanced Music History requirement

3 hours from the following courses:

Other required courses

Music laboratory

Vocal performance majors are required to enroll in a music laboratory each long term/semester, a minimum of 8 hours from:


9 hours (or as many as needed to complete the requirements for the degree).

Other requirements

  • All non-keyboard majors must enroll in secondary piano each long term/semester until proficiency is passed.
  • Prior to the fifth term/semester, the student must have completed diction courses in English, Italian, German and French, and one year of foreign language (see degree outline, in this section).
  • Presentation of a junior recital (one-half length).
  • Presentation of a senior recital that includes at least one piece in English, German, French and Italian, and an aria from opera or oratorio.

Supplemental information

  • Completion of the University Core Curriculum (42 hours). See University Core Curriculum requirements . Some courses required on degree plans may be used to fulfill requirements under Communication, Mathematics, Life and Physical Sciences, American History, Government/Political Science, Creative Arts, Language, Philosophy and Culture, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Core Option (Component Area Option) Courses. 
  • Proficiency examinations:
    • Piano Proficiency Examination.
    • Successful completion of the Upper Division Examination in applied lessons (MUAC and MUAM). 

Four-year degree plan (example)

The following four-year plan is one example of a variety of ways in which you can complete your chosen degree in four years, and will serve as a guide for you to design your pathway to degree completion. Variations will depend on whether you need to take prerequisites or have college credit from exams or dual enrollment.

Year 1

Semester 1 Semester 2
ITAL 1010 - Elementary Italian   3 hours    FREN 1010 - Elementary French   3 hours   
MUAG 1905 - English Diction for Singers   1 hour    MUAG 1909 - Italian Diction   1 hour   
MUAM 1503 - Voice   1–5 hours    MUAM 1503 - Voice   1–5 hours  
MUTH 1400 - Theory I   2 hours    MUTH 1500 - Theory II   2 hours   
MUTH 1410 - Aural Skills I   1 hour    MUTH 1510 - Aural Skills II   1 hour   
Communication core   3 hours Ensemble for Vocal Perf and MUTV 1 hour
Ensemble for Vocal Perf and MUTV 1 hour Music History Elective from menu 3 hours
Piano Group 1 hour Piano Group 1 hour
Total 14 hours Total 14 hours


Summer 1
Communication core   3 hours 
Government/Political Science core   3 hours 
Mathematics core   3 hours
Social and Behavioral Sciences core   3 hours
Total 12 hours


Year 2

Semester 1 Semester 2
GERM 1010 - Elementary German   3 hours    MUAG 1014 - Keyboard Skills for Music Majors   1 hour   
MUAG 1013 - Keyboard Skills for Music Majors   1 hour    MUAG 4250 - Topics in Vocal Literature   2 hours   
MUAM 1503 - Voice   1–5 hours   MUAM 1503 - Voice   1–5 hours  
MUTH 2400 - Theory III   2 hours    MUTH 2500 - Theory IV   2 hours   
MUTH 2410 - Aural Skills III   1 hour    MUTH 2510 - Aural Skills IV   1 hour   
Government/Political Science core   3 hours PHYS 1270 - Science and Technology of Musical Sound   3 hours   
Ensemble for Vocal Perf and MUTV 1 hour Ensemble for Vocal Perf and MUTV 1 hour
Vocal Performance Diction Options 1 hour Vocal Performance Diction Options 1 hour
    Elective 2 hours
Total 14 hours Total 15 hours


Year 3

Semester 1 Semester 2
MUAG 3800 - Fundamentals of Conducting   2 hours    MUAM 3503 - Voice   1–5 hours  
MUAM 3503 - Voice   1–5 hours    MUCE 4000 - Music Business and Entrepreneurship   3 hours   
MUEN 3040 - Opera Theatre   1 hour    MUEN 3040 - Opera Theatre   1 hour  
MUMH 3500 - Music History and Literature to 1750   3 hours    MUET 3030 - Music Cultures of the World   3 hours   
Life and Physical Sciences core   3 hours  MUMH 3510 - Music History and Literature Since 1750   3 hours   
Ensemble for Vocal Perf and MUTV 1 hour Ensemble for Vocal Perf and MUTV 1 hour
Vocal Performance MUTH Options 3 hours    
Total 15 hours Total 14 hours


Year 4

Semester 1 Semester 2
MUAG 4300 - Science and Pedagogy of Singing   3 hours    MUAG 4210 - Vocal Literature   3 hours   
MUAM 3503 - Voice   1–5 hours   MUAG 4712 - Voice Senior Recital Capstone   3 hours   
American History core   3 hours  American History core   3 hours 
Ensemble for Vocal Perf and MUTV 1 hour Ensemble for Vocal Perf and MUTV 1 hour
Vocal Perf Elective 3 hours  Advanced Music History option 3 hours
Elective 3 hours Elective 3 hours
Total 16 hours  Total 16 hours 

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