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    May 26, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General, Choral and Instrumental Music (teacher certification) (Specialization: Instrumental–Band/Orchestra), BM

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The University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee approved a change to this program after the publication of the Catalog. Please refer to the Catalog Addendum for more information. 



The Division of Music Education at the University of North Texas is dedicated to empowering students through learning opportunities that are contextual and relevant to a career in teaching. To become an effective music educator, each student must commit to excellence in both teaching and musicianship.

Click here to view the general “Bachelor of Music ” requirements within the “College of Music ” section.

Degree requirements

The following requirements must be satisfied for a Bachelor of Music with a major in general, choral and instrumental music (teacher certification).

Hours required and general/college requirements

A minimum of 128 hours, of which 42 must be advanced, and fulfillment of degree requirements for the Bachelor of Music degree as specified in the University Core Curriculum  in the Academics  section of this catalog and the College of Music  requirements.

Major requirements

A minimum grade of C is required for all courses listed as ”major requirements” and “minor requirements” for the Bachelor of Music with a major in general, choral and instrumental music.

64-70 hours, including:


Must interview with music education faculty before declaring the Instrumental—Band/Orchestra track. Declaration may be made after completion of MUED 3100 .

Other requirements

One jazz MULB credit may be substituted for one other MULB credit as long as students have at least 2 marching band and 2 choir credits, with permission of division chair.

Harp students will take both MUAG 1121  and/or MUAG 1221  on the MUED degree plan. In addition, harp students will replace one brass class (MUAG 1102  or MUAG 1202 ) and one woodwinds class (MUAG 1125  or MUAG 1225 ) with a minimum of 2 semesters of secondary lessons on a bowed string instrument. In order to determine the specific number of high and/or low bowed string secondary lessons that will be necessary, the MUED string faculty member in conjunction with a music education faculty committee will complete an internal check of high and low string competence prior to MUED 4000-level course enrollment.

Other course requirements

Minor requirements

A minimum grade of C is required for all courses listed as  ”major requirements” and “minor requirements” for the Bachelor of Music with a major in general, choral and instrumental music.

 18 hours in music and education, including:

Additional requirements

Choral–keyboard or guitar students also take MUED 4103 . Instrumental and instrumental–elementary students also take MUED 4109 . For all other tracks, an additional 3 hours are required in consultation with an advisor.


As many as needed to complete the degree.

Other requirements

  • All non-keyboard majors must enroll in secondary piano each long term/semester until proficiency is passed.
  • Those students who choose a keyboard or guitar concentration must take the secondary voice/instrument appropriate to the intended teaching area and qualify for participation in the appropriate music laboratory (see section on “Graduation Requirements”).
  • Candidates must pass the Concentration Proficiency Exam in the principal instrument or voice.
  • Instrumental–elementary students must pass the Secondary Voice Proficiency.

Supplemental information

This program is designed to prepare students for entry into the music teaching profession and related career areas. The curriculum emphasizes public school teacher competencies in music performance, literature and pedagogy. This degree program also leads to Texas teacher certification in all-level music.

Students majoring in general, choral and instrumental music must minor in education and complete a minimum of 12 hours of applied music in one concentration and 2 hours in the secondary applied field.

The curriculum is designed to develop teacher knowledge and skills as a public school general music teacher, choral director, band director or orchestra director. It is recommended that the student’s applied music concentration be appropriate to the intended teaching specialty (voice for the general music and choral areas, and band/orchestral instrument for the instrumental areas). Those students who choose a keyboard or guitar concentration must take the secondary voice/instrument appropriate to the intended teaching area and qualify for participation in the appropriate music laboratory (see subsequent section, “Graduation Requirements”).

When the student has completed the 12-semester-hour requirement in the applied concentration, the Applied Music Examining Committee in the student’s area of concentration decides if any additional hours are required.

Admission to teacher education

Students apply formally after completing 60 semester hours with a minimum grade point average of 2.75, including sufficient progress toward degree.

Additional requirements

Students must present acceptable admissions scores at the time of application. See the College of Education  section for further information about admission to teacher education.​

Student teaching program

The student must meet the following requirements prior to student teaching.

College of Music

The student must earn no grade lower than C in each required music course and have an overall 2.75 grade point average. Completion of:

College of Education

Students must complete the requirements of the State of Texas for teacher certification as listed in the College of Education, including 12 hours of courses and student teaching:

Additional requirements

  • The student must be within 6 semester hours (including only University Core Curriculum requirements) of completing degree course work.
  • By midterm of the term/semester prior to student teaching, the student must file student-teaching application forms.
  • Before filing student-teaching application forms, the student must have passed the Piano Proficiency Examination, Conducting Proficiency Examination (or equivalent course credit), Instrumental Proficiency Examinations or Voice Proficiency Examination, and Concentration Proficiency Examination.

Students should refer to the College of Education  section in this catalog for further information regarding student teaching programs. 

Graduation requirements

Candidates for graduation must complete all of the following laboratory requirements. Any deviation must be approved by the associate dean for academic affairs.

  1. All students whose applied music concentration is in a band/orchestral instrument or voice participate in music laboratories appropriate to their intended teaching area each term/semester in residence.
    1. Band curriculum:
    2. Orchestra curriculum:
    3. Choral curriculum:
  2. All students whose applied music concentration is in piano or organ participate a minimum of two terms/semesters in MULB 1811 - Accompanying , with remaining laboratories to be in their intended teaching area (as shown above in 1) each long term/semester.

Additional information

  • Completion of the University Core Curriculum (42 hours). See University Core Curriculum requirements . Some courses required on degree plans may be used to fulfill requirements under Communication, Mathematics, Life and Physical Sciences, American History, Government/Political Science, Creative Arts, Language, Philosophy and Culture, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Core Option (Component Area Option) Courses. 
  • Proficiency examinations:
    • Piano Proficiency Examination.
    • Successful completion of the Upper Division Examination in applied lessons (MUAC and MUAM).

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