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    Mar 21, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Journalism with a concentration in Digital and Print Journalism, BA

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In the Mayborn School of Journalism, you learn to communicate and tell stories relevant to society’s needs. The digital and print journalism concentration focuses on news reporting and trains you in digital practices currently employed in the industry.

 Program requirements

Degree requirements

Hours required and general/college requirements

A minimum of 120 semester hours, of which 42 must be advanced, and fulfillment of degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree as specified in the General University Requirements  in the Academics  section of this catalog and the Mayborn School of Journalism  requirements.

Major requirements

46 semester hours in journalism in advertising, public relations, digital and print journalism, broadcast and digital journalism, or photojournalism. Students may take no more than 48 hours in journalism. Check catalog for prerequisites before enrolling in any advanced course.

Journalism foundation requirements

The following requirements are prerequisites for all advanced journalism courses:

  1. Complete the following with a 2.0 cumulative UNT GPA:
  1. The journalism math requirement for all concentrations:
  1. Complete the following with a grade of C or better:

Digital and print journalism concentration

46 semester hours in journalism.

Advanced writing/reporting/editing, 6 hours

One required course:

Visual journalism, 9 hours

One required course:

Professional application course, 1 hour

Selected from:

Capstone course, 3 hours

Other course requirements



An 18-hour minor outside the Mayborn School of Journalism.


Hours required for electives may vary based on course selection and the University Core Curriculum  requirements. Electives may be required to satisfy the advanced hour requirement and/or the minimum total hours required for the degree. For specific information, see an academic advisor in the Mayborn School of Journalism.

Other requirements

Students majoring in journalism are required to maintain a 2.0 cumulative UNT GPA to enroll in journalism courses and have a 2.5 journalism GPA in order to graduate.

  1. A grade of C or higher is required for all journalism courses to be applied toward the major/minor degree requirements.
  2. No more than 12 semester hours of journalism credit will be accepted from a transfer student who is entering with fewer than 75 semester credit hours. For students transferring with 75 or more semester credit hours, a maximum of 18 transfer journalism hours will be accepted for credit toward the bachelor’s degree.
  3. A minimum of 72 semester credit hours must be completed outside of journalism. These 72 semester credit hours may not include MRTS.

Four-year degree plan (example)

The following four-year plan is one example of a variety of ways in which you can complete your chosen degree in four years, and will serve as a guide for you to design your pathway to degree completion. Variations will depend on whether you need to take prerequisites or have college credit from exams or dual enrollment.


Year 1

Semester 1 Semester 2
ENGL 1310 - First-Year Writing I         3 hours    ENGL 1320 - First-Year Writing II   3 hours   
JOUR 1210 - Mass Communication and Society   3 hours   JOUR 2300 - Principles of News   3 hours    
MATH 1680 - Elementary Probability and Statistics   3 hours   Life and Physical Sciences core   3 hours
Political Science core    3 hours Political Science core   3 hours
CLASS Foreign Language-elementary    3 hours CLASS Foreign Language-elementary   3 hours
Total 15 hours Total 15 hours


Year 2

Semester 1 Semester 2
JOUR 2310 - Introduction to Media Writing   3 hours   JOUR 3210 - Applied Design for Advertising and Public Relations   3 hours  
American History core    3 hours JOUR 3300 - Introduction to Visual Communication for News   3 hours  
Creative Arts core    3 hours JOUR 3321 - News Reporting and Writing   3 hours  
Life and Physical Sciences core   3 hours JOUR 3322 - Copyediting   3 hours  
Social and Behavioral Sciences core   3 hours American History core   3 hours
Total 15 hours Total 15 hours


Semester 3
Minor course selection 3 hours 
Minor course selection  3 hours
Minor course selection  3 hours
Minor course selection 3 hours
Total 12 hours


Year 3

Semester 1 Semester 2
EDCI 3800 - Professional Issues in Teaching   3 hours   EDCI 3830 - Teaching/Learning Process and Evaluation   3 hours  
EDCI 4070 - Teaching Diverse Populations   3 hours   JOUR 4100 - Supervising School Media   3 hours  
JOUR 3323 - News Writing for Broadcast and Web   3 hours   JOUR 4620 - Mass Communication Law and Ethics   3 hours  
JOUR 3340 - Digital Media for Journalists   3 hours   JOUR 4820 - History of American Media   3 hours  
Language, Philosophy and Culture core   3 hours Teacher Certification Visual selection 3 hours
Total 15 hours Total 15 hours


Year 4

Semester 1 Semester 2
EDCI 4060 - Content Area Reading   3 hours   EDCI 4108 - Student Teaching in the Secondary School   3 hours  
EDCI 4840 - Instructional Strategies and Classroom Management   3 hours   EDCI 4118 - Student Teaching in the Secondary School   3 hours  
JOUR Professional Internship or Practicum selection 1 hour    
Minor course selection 3 hours    
Minor course selection 3 hours    
Total 13 hours Total 6 hours


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