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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Work, BSW

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The Bachelor of Social Work degree program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (1725 Duke Street, Suite 500, Alexandria, VA 22314-3457; 703-683-8080, ext. 205).

Application to the Major and Pre-Major Courses

Students may indicate an intention of majoring in social work at any point during the early part of their academic career by declaring a pre-social work major. They may consult with social work and College of Public Affairs and Community Service advisors regarding degree requirements at any time. However, formal acceptance into the social work major occurs only after completion of the designated pre-major courses, completion of a term-by-term (semester-by-semester) course plan with the social work advisor, and submission and approval of a formal application for admission. Applications to the major are due on approximately the 30th calendar day of the term/semester in which pre-major courses are in process or are completed. Applications are accepted during the fall and spring terms/semesters only. The number of available slots is limited, so admission may be restricted. An application form and instructions are available in the department office. Students must adhere to the program’s course sequencing and prerequisite schedule. The 12-credit-hour block practicum is offered during the fall and spring terms/semesters and requires approximately 32–35 hours per week in an agency over the term/semester, for a total of no less than 480 hours.

Pre-major courses include:

Degree Requirements

Candidates for the Bachelor of Social Work must meet the following requirements:

Hours Required and General/College Requirements:

A minimum of 120 semester hours, of which 42 must be advanced, and fulfillment of degree requirements for the Bachelor of Social Work degree as specified in the “General University Requirements ” in the Academics section of this catalog and the College of Public Affairs and Community Service  requirements.

Major Requirements:

Major of 55 hours in social work and related required courses.

Other Course Requirements:

Follow social work course sequencing for the final five terms/semesters before graduation (other courses may be taken during these terms/semesters as well as the indicated social work courses):

Fifth Term/Semester Before Graduation:

Finish pre-major courses (SOWK 1450 , SOWK 2430 ; SOCI 1520 ), obtain a degree audit from the College of Public Affairs and Community Service advisor, obtain term-by-term (semester-by-semester) plan from social work program advisor and apply to program.


None required.


Electives may be required to satisfy the advanced hour requirement (42) and/or the minimum total hours (120) required for the degree.

Other Requirements:

  • Must make formal application for acceptance to the program;
  • Must have a minimum grade of C in all social work courses;
  • Must have a minimum 2.25 GPA;
  • Must adhere to program policies and course sequencing;
  • Must adhere to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and State of Texas codes of ethics.

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