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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Education, BS with a Major in Interdisciplinary Studies (EC–6 and 4–8 Teacher Certification)

Students completing the requirements for the undergraduate degree will receive the Bachelor of Science with a major in interdisciplinary studies.

The undergraduate program requires a minimum of 120–126 semester hours. The specific number of hours required is determined by one’s choice of grades EC–6 or grades 4–8 options as described below.

Degree Requirements

Students are encouraged to visit the College of Education web site  for TExES information. Students are encouraged to see their advisors each term/semester for help with program decisions and course selection (

Hours Required and General/College Requirements:

A minimum of 120–126 semester hours, (depending upon teacher certification and course options selected), of which 42 must be advanced, and fulfillment of degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree as specified in the “General University Requirements  ” in the Academics section of this catalog and the College of Education requirements.

The department recommends specific courses (best choices) in some categories. Students may elect to take other courses listed under the University Core Curriculum  to fulfill these requirements; however, doing so may add hours to the degree.

Students should consult with their advisors to determine best choices to meet the core requirements.

Major Requirements:

Early Childhood Through Grade Six (EC–6) Generalist Teacher Certification Options

Students prepare for a generalist certificate or a generalist and a specialization certificate. Students should consult with their advisors to determine best sequence for taking core courses, prerequisite courses, major courses and PDS courses. Part of this degree is two semesters of courses in a Professional Development School (PDS). Courses taken during the first semester of PDS require two days per week of course work and two days per week internship at a PDS site. The second semester of PDS is 15 weeks of student teaching internship plus attendance at a one-hour-per-week seminar.

EC–6 Generalist Certification Only

EC–6 Generalist and English as a Second Language Certifications

EC–6 Generalist and Bilingual Certifications

EC–6 Generalist and EC–12 Special Education Certifications

Visual and performing arts:

 One of the following:

4–8 Content Areas with English as a Second Language Teacher Certifications

Grades 4–8 English Language Arts and Reading with English as a Second Language Certification

Grades 4–8 Mathematics with English as a Second Language Certification

Grades 4–8 Science with English as a Second Language Certification

Grades 4–8 Social Studies with English as a Second Language Certification

Minor Requirements:

There is no minor for this degree.


There are no electives for this degree.

Other Requirements:

Admission to teacher education and eligibility for teacher certification.

See “Student Teaching ” in the College of Education general information section of this catalog.