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    Dec 11, 2023  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biochemistry with a concentration in Forensic Science, BSBC

The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with a concentration in Forensic Science provides hands-on training for a career in forensic sciences with a focus on biochemistry. This program is accredited by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission.

Degree requirements

The following requirements must be satisfied for a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with a concentration in Forensic Science. Foundation Course requirements must be successfully completed prior to advancing to upper-division major requirements. Students must be accepted into the Forensic Science program and see the Program Director for their official degree plan.

Hours required and general/college requirements

A minimum of 125 semester hours and fulfillment of degree requirements for the Bachelor’s degree as specified in the University Core Curriculum  in the Academics section of this catalog and the College of Science degree requirements.

Major requirements

Foundation courses requirements

The Foundation course requirements listed below must be completed before enrollment in 3000 and 4000 level courses required for the major. Successful completion is based on achieving a C or better in each course and an overall 2.5 grade point average in these courses.

Other course requirements

These requirements include a replacement of a university core course, and courses in math and physics (take all courses in either physics option 1 or 2).

Biology minor requirements

Students must complete a minor of 20 hours in biology, which includes the biology foundation courses, BIOL 4240 /BIOL 4900  in the forensic science coursework, and the following:

Forensic science requirements

The following Forensic Science courses are required with a C or higher. Students are also required to complete the FSAT exam.

Other requirements

Only two attempts will be allowed for each biology and biochemistry course in the degree. Grade of C or better and minimum 2.5 grade point average in Foundation Courses, C or better in all upper-division courses counting towards major requirements, minimum 2.75 grade point average in math and science courses, and an overall 2.0 grade point average are required for graduation. All students seeking to enter the Department of Biological Sciences, with the exception of beginning freshmen, must meet the minimum grade point averages given above. Students in the department whose Foundation Course or overall grade point average drops below the minimum for two consecutive semesters will be removed from the program.