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    Feb 25, 2024  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Jazz Studies (instrumental, arranging or vocal emphasis), BM

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The jazz studies degree’s primary purpose is (1) to prepare students for successful careers as jazz performers, composers/arrangers and educators; (2) to cultivate students’ knowledge of and appreciation for the jazz tradition and the broader musical traditions from which it has grown; (3) to encourage students’ creative efforts, and to share the results of students’ efforts on the university, local, regional, national and international levels by means of performances and recordings; (4) to integrate undergraduate instruction in jazz studies with the rest of the undergraduate curriculum in the College of Music and the university.

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Degree requirements

Hours required and general/college requirements

A minimum of 129 hours, of which 42 must be advanced, and fulfillment of degree requirements for the Bachelor of Music degree as specified in the “University Core Curriculum ” in the Academics section of this catalog and the College of Music  requirements.

Major requirements

Students need to maintain a C (2.75) average in all jazz courses. The GPA in non-music core and elective classes will not be counted toward the 2.75 GPA requirement. Grades of D will be acceptable in jazz classes as long as the overall 2.75 GPA requirement is met.

Other required courses


None required.


Arranging emphasis: 6 hours (or as many as needed to complete the requirements for the degree).

Instrumental emphasis: 10 hours (or as many as needed to complete the requirements for the degree), 3 hours of which must be advanced.

Vocal emphasis: 6 hours.

Other requirements

Supplemental information

  • Completion of the University Core Curriculum (42 hours). See “University Core Curriculum requirements.” Some courses required on degree plans may be used to fulfill requirements under Communication, Mathematics, Life and Physical Sciences, American History, Government/Political Science, Creative Arts, Language, Philosophy and Culture, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Core Option (Component Area Option) Courses. 
    • Communication (6) — ENGL 1310 and ENGL 1320 recommended.
    • Mathematics (3) — MATH 1580 or MATH 1581 recommended.
    • Life and Physical Sciences (6) — met by PHYS 1270 and an additional laboratory science course.
    • Language, Philosophy and Culture (3) — met by MUET 3030.
    • American History (6) — met by HIST 2610 and HIST 2620.
    • Government/Political Science (6) — met by PSCI 2306 and PSCI 2305.
    • Creative Arts (3) — met by MUMH 1610, MUMH 2050, MUMH 2060, MUMH 3100 or MUMH 3200.
    • Social and Behavioral Sciences (3).
    • Core Option/Component Area Option Courses (6) — met by MUMH 3500 and MUMH 3510.
  • Proficiency examinations:
    • Piano Proficiency Examination.
    • Successful completion of the Upper Division Examination in applied lessons (MUAC and MUAM).

Music communication and literature

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