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    University of North Texas
  Oct 17, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Criminal Justice, BS with grad track option leading to Criminal Justice, MS

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The Department of Criminal Justice offers a grad track option for existing UNT undergraduate students majoring in criminal justice. In this grad track option, students can take up to 6 hours in the first semester of their senior year and up to 6 hours in the second semester of their senior year.

Admission requirements

All criminal justice faculty will work to identify exceptional students in the undergraduate program. The graduate committee in the department will ultimately decide which students will be invited to apply for the pathway. Students who are invited must complete all the application requirements and processes required of all students who apply to the Master of Science with a major in criminal justice.

Program requirements

  • CJUS 5000 - Criminal Justice Policy (corresponds with CJUS 4901 - Senior Seminar: Criminal Justice and Public Policy)
  • CJUS 5700 - Evaluation and Research Methodologies (corresponds with CJUS 4700 - Research Methods in Criminal Justice)
  • CJUS 5500 - Seminar in Criminal Justice Administration (corresponds with CJUS 4500 - Administration of Criminal Justice Agencies)
  • CJUS 5200 - Legal Aspects of the Criminal Justice System (corresponds with CJUS 4200 - Criminal Procedure)
  • CJUS 5620 - Seminar in Victimology (corresponds with CJUS 4650 - Victimology)
  • CJUS 5900 - Special Problems (corresponds with CJUS 4900 - Special Problems)


For the remainder of the bachelor’s degree requirements, please see Criminal Justice, BS .

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