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    Nov 19, 2019  
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Business Degree Requirements

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Degree requirements and the University Core Curriculum

Occasionally a course required for a degree may also satisfy a requirement of the University Core Curriculum. In addition to taking the required course, a student may elect to take a different course from among those available to fulfill that core requirement; doing so, however, may add to the total number of hours required for the degree. Students who have questions regarding degree requirements and core requirements should consult an academic advisor.

College of Business tiered academic progression plan and academic standards

Undergraduate tiered academic progression plan and admission policy

The College of Business undergraduate program consists of a tiered academic progression plan for all students entering the College of Business, whether for a BBA or a BS degree. The plan consists of the following three tiers:

  • Tier One: Pre-business (PBUS)
  • Tier Two: Business Undergraduate (BUND)
  • Tier Three: Declared major (professional field) within business

In order to progress through the business degree program (BBA or BS), students must advance through the tiered academic progression plan as follows:

Tier One: Pre-business (PBUS)
  1. All students entering the College of Business, whether for a BBA or BS degree, are admitted under pre-business (PBUS), including new, transfer and continuing students. PBUS students must meet the following continuation requirements each semester: (a) meet with an advisor in CoB Undergraduate advising (CoBUA) and, (b) participate in at least two developmental activities as directed by CoBUA, such as enrollment in BUSI 1340, career development or learning workshops, learning communities, etc.
  2. In order to progress to Tier Two (BUND), PBUS students must have a 2.7 UNT cumulative GPA and completethree of the following pre-business prerequisite courses with a grade of C or higher: college-level math (3 hours), ACCT 2010ACCT 2020ECON 1100ECON 1110DSCI 2710.
  3. Once the above eligibility requirements are met, students can apply online or meet with an academic advisor for admission into Tier Two (BUND). First semester transfer students who have completed three of the above pre-business courses (or equivalent) and have a 2.7 cumulative transfer GPA can apply for BUND status with CoBUA at the time of new student orientation, or within their first semester at UNT.
  4. PBUS students are restricted to lower-level (1000/2000) business courses.
Tier Two: Business Undergraduate (BUND)
  1. Tier Two students who have met the requirements of Tier One and have applied to Tier Two status (BUND) must have a 2.7 UNT cumulative GPA and complete the following:  (a) at least 45 semester hours, and (b) the following pre-business courses (or equivalents) with a grade of C or higher: ENGL 1310ENGL 1320 or TECM 2700 (TECM 2700 required for BS/MS accounting); MATH 1190 or MATH 1710ECON 1100 and ECON 1110;ACCT 2010 and ACCT 2020BCIS 2610; and DSCI 2710.
  2. Once above eligibility requirements are met, BUND students must meet with an advisor to file for an official degree plan and move to Tier Three.
  3. Tier Two (BUND) students are restricted to lower-level (1000/2000) business courses.
Tier Three: Official BBA/BS declared major with professional field
  1. Students at Tier Three receive clearance into upper level (3000/4000) business courses (business foundation and professional field) after meeting with an advisor to file for the official degree plan (BBA or BS with declared professional field). First semester transfer students who have completed all of the pre-business prerequisites (or equivalents) and have a 2.7 cumulative transfer GPA are eligible to apply for Tier Three status.
  2. Students in Tier Three are strongly encouraged to meet with their departmental advisor when possible. Tier Three students must meet degree and graduation requirements as outlined under College of Business Academic Standards.
  3. Tier Three students must apply for graduation by the deadline posted in the Academic Calendar.

College of Business academic standards

  1. Students must complete the tiered academic progression plan as outlined above.
  2. A grade of C or above must be earned in each business foundation course and each professional field or supporting field course completed in residence or transferred to UNT.
  3. Degree progress and major dismissal:
    • Students who have been accepted to a business degree program must maintain satisfactory progress. Declared business majors are subject to dismissal from a business degree program and may not be permitted to enroll for additional courses in that major if they receive any combination of grades of D or F in two attempts of the same course in the professional field and supporting courses in their degree plan. 
  4. Academic requirements for graduation with a BBA or BS from the College of Business include:
    • a minimum of 2.7 GPA in the professional and supporting field courses
    • a minimum of 2.0 UNT cumulative GPA (all courses completed at UNT)
    • a minimum 2.0 overall GPA (combined UNT and transfer GPA)
  5. Individual departments may have higher graduation and/or entrance standards (see departmental sections of catalog).

Course listings

Individual courses of instruction are subject to change or withdrawal at any time and may not be offered each term/semester or every year. Any course may be withdrawn from current offerings if the number of registrants is too small to justify conducting it.

Enrollment in advanced courses requires successful completion of the pre-business requirements.

WARNING: It is the student’s responsibility to meet all course prerequisites listed in the current catalog prior to enrollment in any course.

Graduate course descriptions are found in the Graduate Catalog.

Courses numbered 4900-4910 are offered under limited circumstances to advanced undergraduate students who are capable of developing a problem independently. These courses require approval by the department chair. A project is chosen by the student and instructor, developed through conferences and approved activities under the direction of the instructor, and may require a term paper. These courses are not open to graduate students.

Courses are offered on an availability basis as service courses to non-business majors who meet the individual course prerequisites.

All Courses of Instruction are located in Course descriptions.

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