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    Jun 21, 2024  
2011-2012 Graduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Buildings and Major Office Locations

Main Campus Buildings

Advanced Learning Classroom, Eagle Student Services Center

Art Building (ART)

College of Visual Arts and Design
Department of Art Education and Art History
Department of Design
Department of Studio Art
University Art Gallery
General Access Computer Lab

AFROTC Building (ATH1)

Department of Aerospace Studies
Athletic Ticket Office

Auditorium Building (AUDB)

Department of English
Department of Linguistics and Technical Communication
Studies in the Novel
Student Writing Lab
Multipurpose auditorium

Bain Hall (BAIN)– Named for Dr. Wilfred C. Bain, the first head of the Music Department, 1938, and first dean of the School of Music, 1946. Dr. Bain also organized the institution’s first A Cappella choir.

Percussion rehearsals
University of North Texas Press
UNT Institute for Behavioral and Learning Differences

Bruce Hall (BRUC)– Completed in 1948 and named after Dr. William Herschel Bruce, who served as president of the North Texas State Normal College from 1906 to 1923.

Residence hall

Business Leadership Building (BUSL)

College of Business
Department of Accounting
Center for Information Systems Research
Department of Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law
Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences
Department of Management
Department of Marketing and Logistics
General Access Computer Lab

Chemistry Building (CHEM)

Department of Chemistry

Chestnut Hall (CHNT) – Named for street.

Student Health and Wellness Center

Health Education

Cooperative Education
Counseling and Testing Services
Career Center
Risk Management Services
Student Money Management Center
Substance Abuse Resource Center

Chilton Hall (CHIL) – Named for Joshua Crittenden Chilton, who negotiated the contract with the City of Denton that established Texas Normal College and Teachers’ Training Institute on May 8, 1890. Served as president until 1893.

Adaptive Computer Lab
Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign (CLEAR)
Classroom Support Services
College of Public Affairs and Community Service
Center for Public Service

Educational Consortium for Volunteerism

Department of Anthropology
Department of Behavior Analysis
Department of Criminal Justice
Department of Public Administration

Emergency Administration and Planning Institute

Department of Rehabilitation, Social Work and Addictions
Department of Sociology
Center for Public Management
School of Merchandising and Hospitality Management
Media Library
General Access Computer Lab

Clark Hall (CLAR) – Named for Miss Edith L. Clark, the first dean of women, 1916-1944.

Residence hall

Coliseum (COL)

Racquetball courts
Multipurpose facility
Basketball coaches office
Coliseum office

College Inn (CINN)

Residence hall
Survey Research Center

Crumley Hall (CRUM) – Named for John Jackson Crumley, president from 1893 to 1894. He is known for putting the “North” in North Texas Normal College.

Residence hall/Conference Center
Housing and Residence Life
Director of Business Services
Dining Services
Residence Hall Association Office

Curry Hall (CURY) – Named for Dr. O.J. Curry, first dean of the College of Business Administration, 1946-1974.


Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC) – Named after the university’s official mascot chosen by the student body in 1922.

Admissions, Undergraduate
Advanced Learning Classroom (Room 255)
Campus Tours
ID Systems
Information – Campus Operator

Class schedules

Student Accounting and University Cashiering Services
Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
Toulouse Graduate School

Graduate Admissions

Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building (ENV)

Institute of Applied Sciences
Department of Geography
Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies
Planetarium/Sky Theater

Fouts Field (STAD) – Named after Theron J. Fouts, who served as football coach, dean of men and director of athletics. Became football coach in 1920 and was athletic director at the time of his death in 1954.

Track meets
Multipurpose outdoor facility

Gateway Center (GATE)

Senior Vice President for Advancement
Vice President for Governmental Affairs
Vice Chancellor and General Counsel
University of North Texas Alumni Association
The Club at Gateway Center (restaurant)
UNT Foundation

General Academic Building (GAB)

Center for Jewish Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Communication Studies
Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism

North Texas Daily

Department of Mathematics
Women’s Studies
CAS Computer Labs (College of Arts and Sciences)
University Courses
Center of Technology Development and Transfer

Goolsby Chapel (CHAP)– Named in honor of the Goolsby family, who provided this facility as a gift to UNT.

Non-denominational chapel and reflection center

Hickory Hall (HKRY) – Named for street.

Department of Economics

Highland Parking Garage

Parking and Transportation Office

Honors Hall (HNRS)

Residence hall

Hurley Administration Building (ADMN) – Named for Dr. Alfred F. Hurley and his wife, Johanna H. Hurley. Dr. Hurley was appointed the university’s 12th president and second chancellor in 1982 and served as the UNT System’s first full-time chancellor in October 2000. Dr. Hurley held the university’s presidency longer than any other chief executive in UNT’s history.

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Vice President for Student Development
Vice President for University Relations, Communications and Marketing
Vice President for Institutional Equity and Diversity
Contract Administration
Equal Opportunity
Institutional Research and Effectiveness
News Service
Sponsored Projects and Grants Accounting

Ken Bahnsen Gymnasium (MGYM)

Weight room
Intramural basketball and volleyball
Indoor soccer

Kerr Hall (KERR) – Named for S.A. Kerr of Huntsville, vice chairman of the Board of Regents, 1949-1967.

Residence hall

Language Building (LANG)

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Legends Hall (LGNS)

Residence hall

Life Sciences Building (LIFE)

Department of Biological Sciences
Department of Biological Sciences, Advising office

Lyceum, University Union (LYCM)

Multipurpose auditorium/classroom

Lyric Theater, Murchison Performing Arts Center

Multipurpose theater

Maple Hall (MAPL) – Named for street.

Residence hall

Marquis Hall (MARQ) – Named for Dr. Robert Lincoln Marquis, who served as president of North Texas State Teachers College, 1923-1934.

Center for Achievement and Lifelong Learning (CALL)

Minicourse office

Human Resources Department
Institute of Petroleum Accounting
Internal Audit Department
Texas Academy of Math and Science (TAMS)
NT Institute for Educators on the Visual Arts

Matthews Hall (MATT) – Named for Dr. James Carl Matthews, who served as the first dean of the School of Education, first vice president of the teachers college and president of the university, 1951-1968.

Academy for Outreach, Research and Professional Development
Child Development Laboratory
College of Education
Department of Educational Psychology
Department of Teacher Education and Administration
Center for Parent Education
Center for Study of Educational Reform
Texas Center for Educational Technology
General Access Computer Lab

Matthews Hall Annex (MHA) – Named for Dr. James Carl Matthews, who served as the first dean of the School of Education, first vice president of the teachers college and president of the university, 1951-1968.

Child and Family Resource Clinic
Maturational Assessment Clinic

McConnell Hall (MCON) – Named for Dr. W. Joseph McConnell, president of the teachers college and the state college, 1934-1951.

Residence hall/Texas Academy of Math and Science (TAMS)

Mozart Square (MOZA)

Residence hall

Murchison Performing Arts Center (PAC) – Named for Lucille G. “Lupe” Murchison, internationally known philanthropist and arts supporter and a member of the Board of Regents (1981-1999).

UNT Lyric Theater
Winspear Performance Hall

Music Annex (MUSA)

Opera Rehearsal Hall
Recording Technology

Music Building (MUSI)

College of Music
General Access Computer Lab

Music Practice North (MPN)

Music Practice South (MPS)

North Texas Lofts, 217 S. North Texas Blvd.

Office of Catalog and Curriculum Support
Office for Nationally Competitive Scholarships

Oak Street Hall (OSH) – Named for street.

Stafford Art Gallery
College of Visual Arts and Design ceramics and photography programs

Oak Street Hall Annex (OSHA) – Named for street.

Print Research Institute of North Texas Press

Performing Arts Center Annex (PACX)

College of Music Wind Studies Programs

Physical Education Building (PEB)

Department of Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation
Racquetball Courts

Physical Plant Complex

Main Office, Facilities Planning
Custodial Services
Grounds Maintenance
Moving Services
Recycling Services

Physics Building (PHYS)

Department of Physics
Radiation Safety Office

Pohl Recreation Center (RECS) – Multipurpose indoor/outdoor recreational and fitness activities facility named for Dr. Norval F. Pohl, who served as university president from 2000-2006.

Club Sports
Faculty/Staff Fitness Program
Recreational Sports
Recreational Sports Office

Professional Development Institute East Classroom Building (PDI)

Radio, Television, Film and Performing Arts Building (RTFP)

Department of Dance and Theatre
Ticket Box Office
Department of Radio, Television and Film

Residence Hall Association House

Meetings and special events

Sage Hall (SAGE)

Educational Innovation
Honors College
Undergraduate Studies
First-Year Seminar
Core Academy

Santa Fe Square (SFE)

Residence hall

Science Research Building (SRB)

Center for Network Neuroscience

Scoular Hall (SCOU) Named for Dr. Florence I. Scoular, first dean of the School of Home Economics, 1946.

Texas Fashion Collection
College of Visual Arts and Design fashion design and fibers programs

Shrader Pavilion (PAV) Named for Dr. David Shrader, former professor and dean of the College of Music.

Multipurpose pavilion

Sky Theater, Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building


Speech and Hearing Center (SPHS), 907 W. Sycamore

Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
Speech and Hearing Clinic

Sports Medicine/Fitness Facility

Varsity sports training
Weight training

Stovall Hall (STOV) – Named for Dr. Floyd Stovall, who served as director of the English Department and first dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1946.

Dance Annex Office
Department of Counseling and Higher Education
Counseling and Human Development Center

Center for Play Therapy

Student Academic Readiness Team (START) Office

Sullivant Public Safety Center (POLI) (open 24 hours)– Named for Carroll Sullivant of Gainesville, member of the Board of Regents, 1961-1978.

Police Department

Sycamore Hall (SYMR)

Computing and Information Technology Center

Academic Computing and User Services
Administrative Computing

Door Systems
Eagle Commons Library
General Access Computer Lab
International Admissions

Center for Global Learning and Experience
Intensive English Language Institute

Tennis Courts, West (WTEN)

Terrill Hall (TH) – Named for Menter B. Terrill, president of the private North Texas Normal College from 1894 until it became a state normal college in 1901.

Center for Study of Work Teams
Department of Psychology

Psychology Clinic

General Access Computer Lab

Traditions Hall (TRAD) – Named by the Department of Housing and Residence Life and the Residence Hall Association. Interior and exterior displays showcase UNT traditions and memorabilia.

Residence hall

University Services Building (USB)

Bulk Mail
Central Receiving
Printing Services
Property and Inventory Control
Purchasing and Payment Services
Office Supply

University Union (UU)

Banking Services
Center for Cultural Diversity
Center for Leadership and Service
Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities
Dean of Students
Design Works
Disability Accommodation
Eagle Images (copy center)
Educational Resource Center
Food Court
Information, tickets
Learning Center
Mail Room (Intercampus mail)
Multicultural Center
Orientation and Transition Programs
Post office
Student Activities Center

Student Government Association

Student Legal Services
UNT Bookstore
Union Administration
University Program Council

Verde Catering

West Hall (WEST)

Residence hall

Willis Library (LIBR) – Named for A.M. Willis of Longview, member of the Board of Regents, 1965-1983, serving as its chairman from 1969 to 1983.

Social Sciences and Humanities Collections
Music Library
Oral History
Rare Book Room
Government Documents
Library Administration
General Access Computer Lab (open 24 hours)

Winspear Hall, Murchison Performing Arts Center

Multipurpose performance hall

Wooten Hall (WH) – Named for Benjamin Harrison Wooten of Dallas, chairman of the Board of Regents, 1949-1969.

Faculty Senate
Department of Political Science
Center for Economic Development and Research
Department of History
General Access Computer Lab
TRIO Center for Student Development

Discovery Park (NTDP)

College of Engineering
Computing and Information Technology Center


Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering
Department of Engineering Technology
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering
General Access Computer Lab
NanoStar, Inc.
College of Information
Department of Learning Technologies
Department of Library and Information Sciences

Eagle Point

Alumni Pavilion (APAV)

Apogee Stadium (APGS)

Football Games

Athletic Center (ATHC)

Athletic Administration
Athletic Media Services

Champs Cafe

Dining Hall for Victory Hall

Victory Hall (VICT)

Residence hall

Waranch Tennis Complex (TENN)

Mean Green Village

Lovelace Stadium (WSOF)

Women’s Softball Field

MGV-Building B

Higher Education Program

MGV-Building C

Texas Municipal Clerks

MGV-Building P

University Relations, Communications and Marketing

Mean Green Office Complex and Gym (MGOG)

Athletic offices
Campus police offices (see also Sullivant Public Safety Center)
Women’s volleyball

Mean Green Softball and Golf Practice Facility (MGSG)

Mean Green Soccer Stadium (WSOC)

Student Athletic Academic Center (SAAC)

Athletics Compliance
Student-athlete academic advisors

Off-Campus Locations

Astronomy Observatory

Former missile base
North of Denton on FM 2164 (Locust Street)

Library Annex (LANX), 901 Precision Dr.

Technical Services
Preservation Department

Power Plant

Rafes Urban Astronomy Center – Named for Dr. Richard Rafes, who served as General Counsel for 22 years and as Senior Vice President for Administration from 2003-2006, and his wife Tommye.

Located west of the Denton Municipal Airport.

Surplus Property, 925 Precision Dr.

Historical information about building names originally compiled by James L. Rogers, Professor Emeritus of Journalism


Because of numerous construction and renovation projects on campus, office locations are subject  to change. For assistance in verifying office locations, please call the UNT Campus Operator at  940-565-2000 or Metro 817-267-3731.