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    Dec 02, 2023  
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administration, faculty and librarians

UNT System and university officers

Board of Regents

Laura Wright, Chair (2021), Dallas
Melisa Denis (2025), Southlake
Mary Denny (2023), Aubrey
Daniel Feehan  (2025), Fort Worth
Milton B. Lee (2023), San Antonio
A.K. Mago (2021), Dallas
Carlos Munguia (2023), University Park
G. Brint Ryan (2021), Dallas
John Scott Jr. (2025), Keller

Student Regent
Appointed annually

UNT System administration

Michael R. Williams, DO, MD, MBA, Chancellor of the University of North Texas System
Michael R. Williams, DO, MD, MBA, President of the UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth
Robert Mong BA, President of UNT Dallas
Jamaica Chapple, PhD, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Success
Jack Morton, JD, Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations
Alan Stucky, JD, Vice Chancellor and General Counsel
Dan Tenney, MBA, Vice Chancellor for Finance
Steve Maruszewski, BAE, Vice Chancellor for Facilities
Paul Corliss, Chief Communications Officer
Chris McCoy, Chief Information Officer

UNT administration

Neal J. Smatresk, PhD, President
Michael McPherson, PhD, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Clayton Gibson, CPA, Vice President for Finance and Administration and CFO
Wren Baker, MS, Vice President and Director of Athletics
Jim Berscheidt, MS, Vice President for University Brand Strategy and Communications
Adam D. Fein, PhD, Vice President for Digital Strategy and Innovation
Shannon Goodman, MEd, Vice President for Enrollment
Mark McLellan, PhD, Vice President for Research and Innovation
Debbie Rohwer, PhD, Vice President for Planning and Chief of Staff
Clay Simmons, MBA, JD, Chief Compliance Officer
Elizabeth With, EdD, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs
Stan Walker, BS, Interim Vice President for Advancement
Joanne Woodard, MA, Vice President for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access

Toulouse Graduate School

Victor Prybutok, PhD, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of Toulouse Graduate School
Joseph R. Oppong, PhD, Academic Associate Vice Provost and Academic Associate Dean

Administrators of the schools and colleges are listed in their respective sections of this catalog.


Information regarding individual faculty members and librarians is available from the Faculty Information System ( Select “Faculty Name”, “Department” or “Courses” from the Browse menu and type in appropriate name.

Graduate faculty of the Graduate School of Bio-medical Sciences and the School of Public Health at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth (UNTHSC) also are members of the graduate faculty of the University of North Texas and thus can serve as mentors or committee members of UNT graduate students appropriate to their graduate appointment. See the UNTHSC Graduate Catalog for UNTHSC graduate faculty listings.

Emeritus faculty

Abel, Mickey, Visual Arts and Design (2003-2019).
Adkison, Judith, Education (1983-2011).
Albarran, Alan, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (2000-2018).
Albertson, Roxanne, Education (1979-2000).
Allen, John Ed, Arts and Sciences (1963-2011).
Allison, Jay, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1989-2020).
Altekruse, Michael, Education (1995-2005).
Anderson, Miles, Arts and Sciences (1950-1992).
Aronson, Harriet, Arts and Sciences (1971-1999).
Austin, Jerry, Visual Arts and Design (1982-2017). 
Babcock, Mary Lynn, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1996-2021).
Bahnsen, Kenneth, Education (1955-2003).
Bailey, Don C., Education (1962-1999).
Baird, James, Arts and Sciences (1966-2011).
Bane, Robert, Education (1970-2007).
Beitinger, Thomas L., Arts and Sciences (1976-2011).
Benet, Diana, Arts and Sciences (2001-2012).
Berg, Robert, Education (1968-2006).
Blow, David, Visual Arts (1980-2011).
Boedenhamer-Davis, Eugenia, Public Affairs and Community Service (1974-2010).
Boley, Richard, Business Administration (1990-2005).
Booth, John, Arts and Sciences (1984-2011).
Borden, Weston T., Science (2004-2017).
Bower, Beverly, Education (2008-2019).
Bowman, Brian, Music (1999-2018).
Brady, William T., Arts and Sciences (1962-1999).
Brand, Neal, Science (1988-2017).
Brantton, Sue, Education (1992-2017).
Braswell, Michael, Business (1990-2015).
Braterman, Paul S., Arts and Sciences (1988-2006).
Brookshire, William, Education (1970-2003).
Brostow, Witold, Engineering (1989-2019).
Brothers, Lester, Music (1974-2005).
Brown, Newel Kay, Music (1970-1991).
Broyles, Sheri J., Journalism (1996-2020).
Buckalew, Mary, Arts and Sciences (1965-1998).
Buckles, Bill P., Engineering (2006-2021).
Buhler, June, Education (1973-2000).
Bullock, Lyndal M., Education (1978-2017).
Busby, Roy, Journalism (1961-2015).
Bush, Barbara, Education (2002-2020).
Bush, Deanna D., Music (1980-2011).
Butt, Harlan, Visual Arts and Design (1976-2017).
Caldwell, Patsy, Education (1959-2000).
Callicott, J. Baird, Arts and Sciences (1995-2015).
Campbell, Lloyd P., Education (1970-2006).
Campbell, Randolph (Mike), Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1966-2019).
Campbell, Vicki L., Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1982-2020).
Candelaria, Leonard, Music (1974-2003).
Chandrasekaran, Perinkolam, Business (1981-2020).
Cheal, Susan, Visual Arts and Design (2000-2017).
Chipman, Donald, Arts and Sciences (1964-2002).
Chisholm, Rose Marie, Music (1995-2012).
Chng, Chwee-Lye, Education (1981-2013).
Clark, Thomas, Music (1976-2004).
Clay, Joan Marie, Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism (1990–2011).
Clay, Raymond J., Business (1983-2011).
Coda, Bernard, Business Administration (1965-1997).
Coe, Teddy L., Business Administration (1980-2007).
Colson, Ted, Arts and Sciences (1956-1993).
Combest, Sandi, Arts and Sciences (1966-2001).
Conover, James, Business (1989-2018).
Conover, Teresa, Business (1989-2017).
Contreras, Gloria, Education (1987-2011).
Cooper, J. Arthur, Education (1966-1998).
Copeland, Ben, Business Administration (1963-2000).
Cornelius, Bill, Education (1966-2004).
Crader, Jeannine, Music (1970-1997).
Crocker, Betty, Education (1988-2010).
Crowder, Robert, Arts and Sciences (1979-1997).
Cushman, Shelley, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1977-2019).
Davis, Addie Nell, Human Resource Management (1951-1981).
Davis, D. Jack, Visual Arts and Design (1971-2011).
Davis, Richard, Visual Arts and Design (1968-2018).
Day, Kaaren, Education (1989–2008).
Deering, William, Arts and Sciences (1965–2008).
DeLaney, Gloria, Education (1960-1999).
Dickenson, Jerry, Hospitality and Tourism Management (1996-2016).
Dickson, Kenneth L., Arts and Sciences (1978–2010).
DiFiori, Linda, Music (1996-2014).
Ditzenberger, Roger, Education (1980–2007).
Dixon, Paul, Education (1992-2006), Dean.
Dixon, Richard A., Science (2012-2021).
Dixon-Krauss, Lisbeth, Education (2009-2019).
Dobson, Gerard R., Arts and Sciences (1969-1999).
Donahue, Manus, Arts and Sciences (1982-2002).
Donahue, Ruthann, Arts and Sciences (1990-2002).
Dworak, Paul, Music (1979-2017).
Earp, Norman Wesley, Education (1963-1995).
Eaton, Henry, Arts and Sciences (1966–2011).
Eddy, John Paul, Education (1979-2000).
Emmanuel, Donna, Music (2002-2020).
Engels, Dennis, Education (1976-2011).
Esterchild, Elizabeth, Public Affairs and Community Service (1969-2007).
Evans, Mary, Human Resource Management (1958-1981).
Evenson, Thomas, Health and Public Service (1980-2017).
Falsetta, Vincent, Visual Arts and Design (1977-2017).
Feigert, Frank, Arts and Sciences (1977-2003).
Ferring, C. Reid, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1978-2019).
Fink, Ron, Music (1964-2000).
Finn, Don, Business (2009-2020).
Fisher, Dennis, Music (1982-2019).
Fisher, Vernon, Visual Arts (1978-2006).
Fitzpatrick, Lloyd, Arts and Sciences (1970-2014).
Forde, Steven, Arts and Sciences (1987-2017).
Foster, Phillip, Engineering (1982-2017).
Fox, Norris, Education (1972-2017).
Froehlich, Hildegard, Music (1976-2001).
Frost, Carol Ann, Business (2007-2018).
Garcia, Oscar, Engineering (2003-2019).
Garner, Cody, Music (1989-2006).
Getschow, George, Journalism (2002-2017).
Gibbons, Henry, Music (1980-2012).
Gillespie, James E., Music (1978-2011).
Gleeson, Larry, Visual Arts and Design (1972-2007).
Glick, Edwin, Arts and Sciences (1970-1995).
Golden, David, Arts and Sciences (1985-2004).
Golden, Richard, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1994-2021).
Goodwin, Vicki, Business (1991-2014).
Gough, Georgia Leach, Arts and Sciences (1952-1975).
Graves, Finley, Business (2002-2018).
Greenlaw, M. Jean, Education (1978-2005).
Groom, Joan, Music (1973-2011).
Grubbs, Bill, Engineering (1993-2011).
Gunter, Pete, Arts and Sciences (1969–2005).
Guynes, Stephen, Business (1969-2021).
Haerle, John M. (Dan), Jr., Music (1977-2007).
Hagler, Harland, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1966-2017).
Hamilton, Fred, Music (1989-2017).
Hargrove, Eugene, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1990-2015).
Harrell, Pamela, Education (2000-2020).
Harris, Andrew, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (2002-2021).
Harris, Mary, Education (2000-2014).
Harrison, Thomas, Arts and Sciences (1972-2004).
Hasty, Ron, Business Administration (1992-2011).
Hayes, Robert (Bob), Engineering (1990-2018).
Haynes, Jack R., Arts and Sciences (1963-1999).
Hays, Henry, Business Administration (1964-2004); Dean.
Hayslip, Bert, Arts and Sciences (1978-2013).
Henderson, Sam, Arts and Sciences (1953-1985).
Henoch, Miriam, Arts and Sciences (1996-2005).
Holcomb, Terry, Education (1973-2005).
Holden, Jan, Education (1988-2019).
Hollaway, Linda, Health and Public Service (1998-2019).
Holman, John, Public Affairs and Community Service (1984-2006).
Homer, Paula, Music (1992-2017).
Hudnall, Margaret, Music (1968-2004).
Hudson, Johnetta, Education (1999-2012).
Huffman, Janie, Education (1996-2016).
Impson, Michael, Business (1987-2020).
Ingman, Stanley, Health and Public Service (1990-2018).
Jacobson, Arminta, Education (1981-2015).
James, George, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1983-2020).
Jessup, Robert, Visual Arts and Design (1991-2018).
Johnson, Charles, Education (1957-1994).
Johnson, Douglas A., Arts and Sciences (1971-2004).
Johnson, James, Jr., Visual Arts (1968-1995).
Johnson, Karrell, Music (1997-2013).
Jordan, Ann, Public Affairs and Community Service (1990-2014).
Kallman, Robert R., Jr., Science (1979-2019).
Karafiath, Imre, Business (1984-2019).
Kemerer, Frank R., Education (1978–2003).
Kennelly, Kevin, Arts and Sciences (1967-2000).
Kern, R. Fred, Music (1980-2011).
Klammer, Thomas, Business (1970-2007).
Koop, Marie-Christine, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1990-2021).
Kowalski, Jacek, Arts and Sciences (1989-2014).
Kung, Joseph, Science (1984-2018).
Kuss, Malena, Music (1976-1999).
LaPoint, Thomas, Arts and Sciences (1999-2014).
Landreth, Garry, Education (1966-2001).
Laney, James, Education (1985-2019).
Larson, George, Arts and Sciences (1970-2000).
Lawrence, Annette, Visual Arts and Design (1996-2020).
Lee, James Ward, Arts and Sciences (1958-1999).
Leung, Paul, Public Affairs and Community Service (1999-2015).
Levin, Ben, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1990-2018).
Lewis, Paul, Arts and Sciences (1970–2005).
Lillie, Nancy Boyd, Business (1991-2018).
Linebarger, James Morris, Arts and Sciences (1963-1996).
Lowe, Gale B., Business Administration (1965-1995).
Lowe, Richard, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1968-2018).
Lundsteen, Sara, Education (1977-1999).
Luttrell, H. Dale, Education (1970-2007).
MacDonald, Don, Business (1989-2020).
Mackey, James, Arts and Sciences (1969-1999).
Marcello, Ronald E., Arts and Sciences (1967–2009).
Marshall, James L., Science (1987-2017).
Martin, Barbara, Library and Information Science (1984-2010).
Martin, Charles B., Arts and Sciences (1964-1999).
Martin, Cora, Community Service (1967-1992).
Masaracchia, Ruthann, Arts and Sciences (1990-2002).
Mason, Diana, Arts and Sciences (2001-2012).
Mason, David, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (2002-2021).
Matteson, Samuel, Arts and Sciences (1987-2014).
Mauldin, Richard D., Arts and Sciences (1977-2011).
McCarter, R. William, Visual Arts (1968-2005).
McClung, Alan, Music (2002-2017).
McCoy, Jerry, Music (2000-2015).
McCroskey, Lenora, Music (1982-2009).
McDaniel, Floyd (Del), Science (1974-2018).
McDonald, James, Business (1976-2013).
McKee, Bill, Arts and Sciences (1978-2011).
McNeill, Perry, Engineering (1994-2006).
McTee, Cindy, Music (1984-2010).
Merino, Barbara, Business (1983-2011).
Michaelsen, Robert, Business Administration (1987-2005).
Miller, William, Education (1964-1996).
Milnes, Robert, Visual Arts and Design (2006-2014).
Mohr, Cynthia, Visual Arts and Design (2003-2018).
Montler, Timothy, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1984-2020).
Morrison, George, Education (1995-2015).
Morrisson, Clovis C., Jr., Arts and Sciences (1962-1997).
Morrow, James, Education (1993-2017).
Moseley-Grady, Patricia, Education (1974-2002).
Nacke, Bruce, Visual Arts and Design (1987-2020).
Nahrgang, Lee, Arts and Sciences (1965-2007).
Nash, Jerry, Arts and Sciences (1997–2007).
Neeley, Paden, Business Administration (1960-2003).
Nelson, Nancy, Education (2009-2019).
Neuberger, John, Arts and Sciences (1977–2010).
Newsom, Ron, Education (1977-2011).
Newton, Connie, Visual Arts and Design (1989-2007).
Nordstrom, Lyle, Music (2000-2010).
Norton, Scott, Arts and Sciences (1963-2005).
Notley, Margaret A., Music (2000-2021).
Olsen, Solveig, Arts and Sciences (1968-2005).
deOnis, Carlos, Arts and Sciences (1968-1995).
O’Rourke-Kaplan, Marian, Visual Arts and Design (1992-2018).
Papich, George, Music (1967-2000).
Patton, Robert, Education (1973-2013).
Paz, Denis, Arts and Sciences (1995-2013).
Pekara, Jean, Education (1966-2001).
Phelps, Brent, Visual Art and Design (1980-2011).
Phipps, Graham, Music (1984-2014).
Pickens, Donald K., Arts and Sciences (1965-2006).
Pirtle, Robert M., Arts and Sciences (1980-2011).
Plummer, Mitty, Engineering (1992-2011).
Poe, Stephen, Business (1989-2020).
Poirot, James, Education (1976-2014).
Powell, James (Don), Business (1977-2019).
Ramsey, Darhyl, Music (1987-2018).
Reban, Milan, Arts and Sciences (1967-2008).
Renka, Robert, Engineering (1984-2018).
Reynolds, Johnny Sue, Merchandising and Hospitality Management (1990-2006).
Reynolds, Kathleen, Music (1995-2020).
Rich, Carroll Y., Arts and Sciences (1959-1995).
Richards, Thomas, Business (1983–2004).
Riggs, James, Music (1973-2008).
Riney, Bobye J., Merchandising and Hospitality Management (1973-1991).
Ross, John (Haj), Information (1994-2021).
Rutherford, Paris, Music (1978-2009).
Ryon, James, Music (2011-2021).
Sale, Richard B., Arts and Sciences (1965-1995).
Schafer, Rollie, Arts and Sciences (1976-2007).
Schamber, Linda, Information (1991-2015).
Scharnberg, William, Music (1983-2018).
Schietroma, Robert, Music (1977-1998).
Schol, Don, Visual Arts and Design (1969-2011).
Scott, James, Music (2001-2018).
Scott, John, Music (1981-2018).
Sears, Ray, Arts and Sciences (1967-2001).
Seward, Rudy, Public Affairs and Community Service (1973-2011).
Shrader, David, Music (1992-2006).
Shuemaker, Ira, Visual Arts (1974-2001).
Siddiqi, Mazhar, Business (1991-2021).
Simms, Richard L., Education (1970-2006).
Sinclair, Richard, Arts and Sciences (1992-2014).
Sirvent, Michel, Arts and Sciences (1994-2016).
Slater, K. Neil, Music (1981-2008).
Smith, Don W., Arts and Sciences (1967-2011).
Smith, John, Arts and Sciences (1964-1993).
Smith, Richard, Health and Public Service (1994-2019).
Soph, Edward, Music (1988-2017).
Sovik, Thomas, Music (1987-2019).
Sparks, Richard, Music (2009-2019).
Spence, J. Wayne, Business (1980-2010).
Spencer, Sandra, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1996-2017).
Sprague, D. Jack, Visual Arts and Design (1990-2010).
Staff, Marcia, Business (1979-2019).
Staples, Donald, Arts and Sciences (1979-2004).
Steinel, Michael (Mike), Music (1987-2019).
Stephens, Elvis Clay, Business Administration (1963-1999).
Stern, Laura, Arts and Sciences (1994-2014).
Stevens, L. Robert, Arts and Sciences (1963-1998).
Stidham, Janie, Visual Arts and Design (1996-2020).
Summers, Patricia, Arts and Sciences (1967-2002).
Tanner, Fred, Education (1968-1987).
Tanner, James T.F., Arts and Sciences (1965–2012).
Tas, Richard, Hospitality and Tourism Management (1985-2016).
Tashakkor, Abbas, Education (2009-2021).
van Tassel, Frances, Education (1993-2010).
Taylor, Lew, Business (1992-2019).
Teeter, C. Russ, Education (1967-2006).
Terrell, Sandra, Arts and Sciences (1979-2011).
Terry, Carmen, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (1998-2021).
Thomas, Jerry, Education (2008-2016).
Thomas, Ruthanne, Arts and Sciences (1981-2016).
Thornton, John H., Business (1971–2006).
Tipps, Steve, Education (1992-2002).
Tobolowsky, Peggy, Health and Public Service (1989-2019).
Totten, Herman, Information (1977-2015).
Tunks, Jeanne, Education (2000-2019).
Turner, Elizabeth, Arts and Sciences (2002-2016).
Turner, Philip, Library and Information Sciences (1969-2011).
Vanecek, Michael T., Business Administration (1978-2006).
Vann, J. Don, Arts and Sciences (1964-1999).
Veazey, Charles O., Music (1973-2011).
Venables, Barney, Science (2003-2018).
Vidrine, Donald, Arts and Sciences (1968-1998).
Walker, Myra, Visual Arts and Design (1987-2015).
Waller, William, Arts and Sciences (1989–2009).
Warner, Roger, Music (1976-2006).
Washington, Roosevelt, Jr., Education (1974-1996).
Weinstein, Bernard, Public Affairs and Community Service (1989-2009).
Wells, Richard, Journalism (1979-2009).
Westmoreland, Reginald, Arts and Sciences (1963-1998).
White, Richard, Business (1990-2016).
Wilhelm, Ronald, Education (1991-2013).
Williams, Fred, Business (1968-2007).
Williamson, John, Education (1968-2006).
Wilson, William, Arts and Sciences (1968-2001).
Wright, Eugene P., Arts and Sciences (1966-2006).
Wright, Rex, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (2011-2021).
Wu, Fred, Business Administration (1993-2005).
Young, Jon, Education (1977-2015).
Youngblood, Judy, Visual Arts (1976-1997).
Zimmerman, Earl, Arts and Sciences (1970–2009).

Dates indicate years at UNT.

Emeritus librarians

Bradley, Lou Ann (1974–2010).
Byerly, Gayla, (2000-2016).
Galloway, Margaret E. (1967-1997).
*Grose, B. Donald (1988–2009).
Harden, Jean (1994-2019).
**Hartman, Cathy, (1995-2016).
**Kelly, Melody (1974–2009).
Lavender, Kenneth (1981-2001).
Martin, Morris (1971-2013).
McKnight, Mark (1990-2019).

* Dean Emeritus
**Associate Dean Emeritus

Dates indicate years at UNT.

President emeritus

V. Lane Rawlins (2010-2014).

Dates indicate years at UNT.